Saturday, January 9, 2016

Homework for 08 January 2016

Class Secretary please post homework everyday.

  • Read through 'Speech Writing' Worksheet

  • Chemistry fun pack (by Monday, 11 January)
  • Chemistry Worksheet: Unit 1 Measurement & Experimental Design (Activity 2 and 3)
For the Chemistry Worksheet, please join Edpuzzle to have access to the videos, here.


(All homework due on Monday, 11 January)
  • Pre-lab activities worksheet
  • Practical Worksheet
  • Science of Life 
  • Finish the questions that we done halfway in class (On Edpuzzle)
  • Complete 'History Lesson 1'  Worksheet
*Every Thursday is History Homework Day :)*

  • Chinese Quizlet Worksheet (If you haven't do it)
  • 'Measurements and Units' Worksheet 

Please Whatsapp me if I missed out any homework :)

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