Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Homework for 12 January 2016


Math: Assignment 01a (Tier A and B)

English: Speech Audience Analysis Worksheet Qn 1 and 2

Biology: (Kudos to Jia Jun for posting.)
1)Pre-Lab Activity (by Wednesday, 13 January)
2)Practical Worksheet (by Wednesday, 13 January)
3)Science of Life (Chapter 1) (by Wednesday, 13 January)

History: (All homework are due on Thursdays)
1)EDPuzzle Questions (by Thursday, 14 January)
2)timeline worksheet about Great World War (by Thursday, 14 January)

Chem: EDPuzzle and funpack to be completed by Tuesday 11 January 23:59


Photo taking on Friday, 15 January. Remember to bring $4 to pay.

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