Friday, January 22, 2016

Homework for 22 January

Social Studies

  1. 1B E-Journal (Due Monday, 25 January)
  1. Biotechnology worksheet (Due Wednesday, 28 January)
  2. Lucid Chart mind map (Due 3 February)
  1. Assignment worksheet (Due Monday, 25 January)
  1. Weekly weekend English assignment (Speech writing) (On google classroom)
Math (All assignments are due on Tuesdays)
  1. Assignment 1c -Tier A & B (Equations and Inequalities) 
  1. Practical Worksheet (The practical we done on Thursday, 21 January)(Due on Monday, 25 January)
Higher Chinese

  1. Composition (Due Monday, 25 January)
  2. 课文二《一次特别的捐助》词汇 Quizlet (Due Tuesday, 2 February)
  1. Chinese worksheet given out on Friday (Due Tuesday, 26 January)
Announcements / Notes

  1. All Sciences TYS are all $6.50 each.
  2. Physics students please pay $6.50 to Irfan by Tuesday for Physics TYS.

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