Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Homework on 19 January 2016

By Jia Jun

1)Cells Worksheet - All activities (by Wednesday, 20 January)
2)Read up on 3 specialised cells (by Wednesday, 20 January)
3)Bio workbook Pg 1 to 10 (Cells)(by Friday, 22 January)
4)Draw mind map on notebook


1)Tutorial Worksheet (by Wednesday, 20 January)
2)Lucid chart Mind Map (by Wednesday, 3 February)


1)Worksheet (by Friday, 22 January)
2)Assignment (by Monday, 25 January)


1)Graded Task 1: Speech Writing Task on google classroom (by Tuesday, 26 January)

Mathematics (All homework are due on Tuesdays)

1)Pass $12 for the 10 year series to me by Thursday, 21 January.
2)Watch math video (by Thursday, 21 January)


1)Compo (by Monday, 25 January)
2)课文二《一次特别的捐助》词汇 Quizlet  (by Tuesday, 2 feb)

History (All homework are due on Thursdays)

1)The question on the poem (by Thursday, 21 January)

Social Studies:

eJournal 1B (by Monday, 25 January)

Other Subjects (Please let me know by emailing me or whatsapp the homework):

FOE: Complete Tutorial 1 WS by Wednesday, 20 January 2016
Physics: Workbook Page 5 to 10 (Unit 1) (by Wednesday, 20 January)


Please Whatsapp me if I left out anything. Thank you.

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