Friday, January 15, 2016

Homework for 15 January 2016

S&W: Download necessary apps.

Math: 1)Assignment 1a and 1b Tiers A and B. (Tuesday 19 January)

2)Bring $12 to give to Math rep for purchase of 10 Year Series

Bio: Cells Worksheet: All activities (Wednesday, 20 January)
2)Read up on 3 specialised cells (Wednesday, 20 January)

3)Bio workbook Pg 1 to 10 (Cells)(Friday, 22 January)

English: Speech Introduction on google classroom (Sunday, 17 January)

HCL1)夸大手法(classroom) (by Friday, 15 January)
2)Comprehension (by Tuesday, 19 January)

History: The question on the poem (by Thursday, 21 January)

CCE: GET ORGANISER AND USE(or face the wrath of Ms Teo)

Biotechnology: 1)Tutorial Worksheet (by Wednesday, 20 January)
2)Lucid chart Mind Map (by Wednesday, 3 February)

SS: E-Journal(Monday 18 January)

FOE: Complete Tutorial 1 WS (Wednesday 20 January 2016)

Media Studies: Complete Unseen text worksheet (Tuesday 19 January)

Physics: Workbook Page 5 to 10 (Unit 1) (Wednesday 20 January)

Chinese: complete worksheet given out today (Friday, 15 January)

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