Saturday, January 16, 2016

Survey Results

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the class wants to have the checkbox function (refer to WhatsApp group), I will be activating it from all my future homework postings from now on.

9 People completed the survey that was sent by WhatsApp. Results are as shown:
100% of those who completed the survey have checked the class blog.

Average results for colour is 5.56 (3sf). People prefer more colours than black and white, but not too much.

The preference for black and white is 6.78 (3sf).

The preference for colours are 7.89 (3sf)

Overall, the class like coloured posts more than black and white posts.

The class likes the announcement to be posted together with homework

Majority of the class prefer homework for other subjects to be added through whatsapp.

The class is able to accept homework posted 1 hour after the last class. 7pm or 2 hours after last class ended is also an option.

This concludes the survey results. Thank you all for participating in this.

Note: Also, as such, Irfan will be posting the homework from now on. You may request a copy of the homework from me separately, on a case-to-case basis.

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