Friday, February 26, 2016

Homework for 26 Feburary

I am standing in for Jia Jun while his mac gets repaired. So yeah XD

Homework for 25 February 2016
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By Jia Jun

(Level Test 1 is just 6 days from now)

1)Workbook (by Monday, 29 February)
2)File Check (by Monday, 29 February)


1)Tutorial Worksheet (by Wednesday, 24 February)

(Level Test 1 is just 12 days from now)

1)Level Test practice paper (by Friday, 26 February)
2)KPT worksheet (by Monday, 29 February)

(Level Test 1 is just 4 days from now)

Practice papers (no due date)

(Level Test 1 is just 5 days from now)
1)课文五《生命之源-水》词汇 Quizlet (by Saturday, 27 February)

1)Composition (by Monday, 29 February)
2)词语搭配 worksheet (by Monday, 29 February)

History (All homework are due on Thursdays)
(Level Test 1 is just 11 days from now)


Mathematics (All homework are due on Tuesdays)
(Mathematics Level Test 1 is just 8 days from now)
(Additional Mathematics Level Test 1 is just 13 days from now)

1)Homework 04A (Polynomials Identities) - Q1, 2, 3a, 5(optional) (by Monday, 29 February)
2)Homework 04B (Long Division) - Q1, 2c, 3, 4 (by Monday, 29 February)

Social Studies:
(Level Test 1 is just 7 days from now)


Other Subjects (Please let me know by emailing me or whatsapp the homework):

Please Whatsapp me if I left out anything. Thank you.

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