Sunday, May 29, 2016

Important Announcement: NRIC Registration

Under the National Registration Act of 1965 (last amendment in 2001), Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who reach the age of 15 must register for their Identity Cards (IC) before their 16th birthday.

The mass NRIC Registration Exercise will take place:
On 1 July 2016 (Friday)
Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Venue: SST Learning Oasis 1 (C-03-12)
Class Schedule: will be made available at a later date

Things to bring for Singapore Citizens (SC) and Permanent Residents (PR):
  1. Notification letters received from ICA 2 weeks before scheduled date of registration. The date, time, venue and documents required for the IC registration will be indicated in the notification letters. 
  2. Student Identification Pass, if any 
  3. Baptism/Religious certificate for insertion of religious name, if applicable 
  4. 1 recent passport sized colour photograph which meets the following requirements:
    The photograph image must be taken within the last 3 months 
    The photograph should be in colour, must be taken against a white background with a matt or semi-matt finish 
     The photograph image must show the full face and without headgear (headgear worn in accordance with religious or racial customs is acceptable but must not hide the facial features) 
     The photograph cannot be taken in uniform 

ICA's websites also states that the following documents are required, though SST's blog post on NRIC registration did not state the need for these documents:

  1. Foreign/Singapore Birth Certificate 
  2. Citizenship Certificate, if any 
  3. Photocopy of both parents' ICs 
  4. Deed poll for change of name, if applicable (Note: Parents must execute the deed poll if the registrant is below 21 years of age)
Additionally, PRs must bring along:
1)Entry & Re-Entry Permits
2)Expired & valid passports
3)Certificate of Identity, if any (for stateless citizens)
4)Malaysian IC, if applicable

You will collect your NRIC from the school the following month after registration at school.

Singapore Citizens: S$10 
Singapore Permanent Residents: S$50 

Payment should be made by EZlink card. For payment by credit card, the parent should provide card details on ICA's notification letter.

If you miss the registration in school (MC or other reasons), please call SST General Office at 6571 7200. You are required to register for your NRIC separately by visiting the Identity Card Unit, Citizens Services Centre, Level 3, ICA Building @ Kallang Road (Lavender MRT). 

Thank you.

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