Tuesday, June 28, 2016

FT time on 29 Jun (Wed) morning

Dear all,

A few things happening on Wednesday (30 Jun) morning. So I will share some information here.

1. Attire - those who needs to rectify, please get it done so by tomorrow

2. Youth Day Appeal (YDA) organised by the Community Chest. 

The donations received will go towards nurturing children and youths-at-risk to succeed, helping people with disabilities lead independent lives, keeping families together, and dignifying the lives of the elderly. Every dollar raised by Community Chest will be made available to social service programmes under its care, as their fund-raising and other operating costs are covered mainly by Tote Board and Singapore Pools.

3.CCA survey

All students are required to complete the CCA survey. However, a number of them have not. You can find the names and index numbers of those who have already completed the survey here:

S3022Media Clubchin_tze_mei_jona@s2014.sst.edu.sg
S3023English Drama Clubdohadwala_alefiya_taher@s2014.sst.edu.sg
S3027Media clubtoh_minxuan@s2014.sst.edu.sg

Please get the rest of the students in your class to complete the survey during FT time on 29 Jun. They can access the link here:

Note: they will need to log out of all google accounts, then log in with SST student account, to access the form.

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