Friday, September 2, 2016

New Seating Arrangement

We thank the majority of the class that have submitted your preferences on whom you wish to sit with in class to hopefully get better results. After much consideration and feedback from the class, we have carefully edited the seating arrangement. Here is the new seating arrangement.

 TAKE NOTE THAT THE SEATING ARRANGEMENT HAS BEEN CHANGED.  The seating arrangement is stuck as closely to your responses as possible and hopefully, it will benefit to your learning in class. It is ultimately your choice as to whether you want to disrupt your own learning by talking to others or not, during classes. Instead of talking to each other during classes, help each other in our studies instead of distracting one another by talking about irrelevant and nonsensical stuff. All in all,  we hope this seating arrangement would motivate you to do better in your EOYs. Thank you!

This seating arrangement will be tried out for 1-2 days to see if changes should be made again.
( edited by Reagan )

Good luck revising for EOY! :)

-S3-02 EXCO

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