Saturday, October 22, 2016

Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level Examinations Countdown

Singapore - Cambridge GCE O Level Examinations 2016

Applies to:
1148 Malay (Revised)
1157 Tamil (Revised)
1160 Chinese (Revised)

Date: 08 November 2016, Tuesday

Paper 1 - Written
0800 - 1000
2 hours
Approved dictionaries are allowed for use in this paper.

Paper 2 - Written
1045 - 1215
1 hour 30 minutes
Approved dictionaries are not allowed for use in this paper

Please check with your respective Mother Tongue teachers for the venues.

Please remember to bring your entry proof, writing materials, transparent pencil case and identification document that contains a photo of you ( NRIC, Passport etc. Ezlink is NOT ACCEPTED.)

Good luck to all the Higher Mother Tongue students!